July 2023 Reviews

Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes  Nisha, while at the gym, finds out that someone took her bag that had her expensive Christian Louboutin shoes plus other essentials to get back into her room.  Little does she know, her soon-to-be ex-husband locks her out of her hotel room with all of her belongings, and so the journey to hell begins for Nisha Cantor.  It’s a good story and ends well, but you want to rip Nisha’s husband’s eyeballs out of his socket.  Really.  

One of the Girls by Lucy Clarke  Oh, the girls take the bride-to-be out on a “Hen Weekend” to Greece.  All this drama comes about from growing up. love triangles, and in the end, someone dies.  Yep, tragic, but not really.  Reminds me of the book, Big Little Lies.

Hello, Beautiful by Ann Napolitano.  Sorry to say, but I had to put this one aside.  Way too slow.  I tried, but just couldn’t do it.  It may be for you, but I moved to another book.  🙁  Not sure why Oprah chose this as one of her book reads.  Whatever….

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.  This is soon to be an Apple TV Mini Series.  I liked this book.  Women feminism, in a smarty pants way.  The best character for me is the dog, Six-Thirty, yes that’s his name, and a smart dog that he is!  Loves his master, Elizabeth Zott, and the “creature” her daughter, Madeline.  There’s a reason this has been on the best seller list:  It’s about smart, working women who got dissed during the 50-60’s bowing down to men like in Mad Men.  Readers are cheering this personae, especially in the age of #MeTo.  It’s a good read.

Whispers at Dusk, (Blackbird Triolly #1) by Heather Graham.  What can I say?  VAMPIRES!!  My sisters who read this newsletter will say, “Oh yeah, Vicki and her vampires.”  Listen, I grew up with Barnabas Collins and I was the “Vicki” in the trundle bed or as we called it “the coffin.”  Still reading this one, but it’s much more gruesome than Dark Shadows.  This is murder in its gruesome form as the bodies they are finding are drained of blood.  Fun Times!!