October 2023 Reviews

The Paris Daughter by Kristin Harmel  This is the second Kristen Harmer book I have read, the first being The Forest of Vanishing Stars, which I loved.  This book takes place in France around the story of two women, one an artist and the other a bookstore keeper’s wife who both have daughters the same age who befriend each other.  When war comes, a mother has to decide to give up her child so that the child can survive.  What becomes of the children during WWII is a sad event as well as what becomes of these two mothers.  A heart-wrenching tale of war and the love of mothers.  

The Magnificent Lives of Majorie Post by Alison Pataki  Yes, George Pataki’s daughter.  This was a fun read.  I did not know MMP was in Moscow prior to the war.  She must have been fun to be with but also a piece of work.  I have another Alisan Pataki book for preview that looks interesting as well. 

 Democracy Awakening:  Notes on the State of America by Heather Cox Richardson  What can I say? I read Dr. Richardson’s letter daily and she has documented the Trump era faithfully and unbiased. She doesn’t play politics – she writes about facts. There are no lies here. Read this and know what we are fighting for for democracy. 

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros  If you are into fantasy and dragon riding this book is for you.  Fun read!

Tom Lake by Ann Patchett  Sorry to say, if Meryl Streep had NOT been reading this to me in my ears, I probably would have had a hard time reading this book.  I give it a 4 due to Meryl’s read-aloud and making the story come to life.  Otherwise, I may have put it down in a DNF pile.  Just my opinion.

The Lost Girls of Willowbrook by Ellen Maire Wiseman  OMG couldn’t put this one down.  What a nightmare!  For my Philly people, replace Willowbrook with Byberry.  The same type of hospital.  I was like, NO WAY! NO, NO, NO!  So what do I do?  Buy lots of Ellen Marie Wiseman books for me.  She will be talking at the Gouverneur Library on October 19th.  Can’t wait to meet her!